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How do I know my son/daughter is being tutored by a competent tutor?

AM Tutoring College was founded on the principles that only qualified teachers should teach your son/daughter.  There are strict accreditation processes in place now across schools in NSW to ensure that all teachers are competent and qualified to be in the classroom.  Although this is the case in schools, unfortunately the tutoring industry does not have any such formal processes, and most tutors are university students with no qualifications and experience in teaching.  All our teachers hold either a Bachelor of Education or Graduate Diploma in Education so you can ensure your child is getting the most out of their tuition.

How long does my son/daughter need to be enrolled?

Our students are enrolled on a term by term basis.  This guarantees a secured place for your son/daughter so they can learn in a consistent and routine environment.  Consistency and dedication are important so we find that the students maximise their learning when they are consistent with their approach to their tutoring.

What if my son/daughter are not able to make it on the scheduled day?

At AM Tutoring College we have a flexible timetable so that if they are not able to make it, we will do our best to allocate a different session time on an alternative day.

How long are the session times?

The session times are 1.5 hours in length.  We want our students to maximise their learning opportunity at the college and we believe that 1.5 hours is long enough for students to stay engaged with the work they are doing.  We understand that our students have already been at school and extending it beyond 1.5 hours might lead to students being tired, disinterested and losing focus.  The session times are suited to keep students interested, engaged and excited.

What will my son/daughter do in the allocated session time?

After enrolment, we sit down with our students and discuss what goals they would like to achieve.  We then develop and program to ensure we meet those goals.  Within the session times, our students will engage with a variety of different learning methods including:

  • 1 to 1 individualised tutoring
  • Worksheets
  • ICT lessons and tests
  • Group collaboration and discussion

We understand that all students learn differently and that some methods are more effective than others.  Over time we will adjust the learning models to cater for each student’s individual learning need.

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