We are passionate about education.

We started teaching because the number one thing that we wanted to do was to make a difference in the lives of young people.  Mathematics and English are our specialties.  We believe that a solid foundation in Mathematics and English provides the necessary building blocks that students need to be able to succeed in all subjects later on in their school life.

It was important when starting AM Tutoring College that we established a vision.  Part of that vision was to set up a centre where the student would be at the centre of their education.  To fulfil this task we established important and necessary guidelines.

Class Sizes

At AM Tutoring College class sizes are small.  It was important to ensure that students were achieving the maximise amount of student-teacher interaction.  Tutoring is not a school away from school.

The reason many students are not achieving their potential is because of the large class sizes and minimal teaching interaction.  Students can feel intimated and anxious about being in large classroom settings that this definitely affects learning.

To eliminate this problem we have created a dynamic learning environment where students can focus on their individual work and have us available to help for 100% of their session time.

Qualified Teachers

At AM Tutoring College a qualified teacher will always supervise your childs’ learning. Teaching is a not only a profession but a skill that takes years to develop.

Bright university students are intelligent but don’t have the qualifications and skills to be able to cater for the diverse learning needs of all students.  Your paying good money to maximise your child’s learning and this can be counter-productive if the learning is done by unqualified and untrained university students.

Our teachers hold Bachelor’s degrees in Education and have a minimum of 5 years experience in the field.

Session Times

At AM Tutoring College our session times are 1.5 hours to ensure your child maximises their learning time.  We understand that your child gets homework from school and we would like to not only assist them but also to develop their ability to grasp concepts and key learning ideas.

We also understand how busy you as a parent would be with all the extra-curricular activities so have made our session times long enough for you to be able to get things done between your drop offs and pick-ups.

We try also to be as flexible as we can so enquire with us and we’ll try our best to fit your student in at a time that suits you.

Student-centred learning

At AM Tutoring College we want your child to learn how to learn.  We have created a learning centre where your child is at the centre of their education.  Our facilities include a digital projector and laptops where students have access to up to date quality and effective online resources.

Our database includes HSC past papers, textbooks and worksheets that your child can utilise to maximise their learning potential.  We believe that your child is always learning and aim to empower them so they can continue to be effective learners while at home and at school.

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